Executive Responsibilities


The President's job is to ensure that the needs of the club are met. This includes ensuring that there are going to be productions running throughout the year, and that those productions are created with fiscal responsibility in mind. The President should ensure the Club's financial status allows the theatre the capability to upgrade and maintain the theatre-space.

The president's responsibility is to call Executive Meetings, Special General Meetings, and Annual General Meetings as well as to preside over those meetings as the chairperson in a fair manner. The President is to act as a liaison on behalf of the theatre and its members for community and corporate business. The President is to oversee the operations of Williams Lake Studio Theatre Society as the Chief Executive Officer of the Society and is responsible for the supervision of other members of the Executive in the execution of their duties.

The President is responsible for acting as Liaison between the Board and SD#27. This includes signing the renewal of our lease contract for the Theatre at the old Glendale School property after reviewing the contract with the Board.

Ensuring that the Society's Insurance, which expires in February of each year, is paid and the policy maintained after reviewing the contract with the Board. This includes staying aware of the Liability, etc of the various aspects of performances (outdoor theatre, dinner theatre, festivals, travel, etc.).

Sends out the Policies and Procedures Document to the incoming Board Members after the AGM in September.


The Vice President is to assist the Board in all manners necessary and to carry out the duties of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President is to ensure that the season has Season & Performance Patrons in conjunction with the Season Producer(s).

The Vice President is responsible for the maintenance and running of all social media sites as well as having access and monitoring of the email.

The Vice President is responsible for the scheduling of the theatre in conjunction with the Directors of each play.


The secretary is responsible for keeping minutes of all meetings of the Society and Executive.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Prepare the Agenda before board meetings
  • Completing and mailing the Theatre BC membership renewal before April 30th of each year.
  • Maintaining an accurate membership list.
  • Distributing minutes to executive members in a timely fashion.
  • Writing thank you letters for funds received and/or for donations of goods.
  • Assisting with grant applications, as needed.

The Treasurer is to assist the Board to take care of the management of the Society and in particular assurance of the Society's fiscal well being.

The Treasurer's Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining accurate and up to date bookkeeping.
  • Collecting mail on a regular weekly basis and giving it to appropriate individuals.
  • Ensuring that any possible budgetary overruns are presented to the Board for approval before they occur.
  • Doing all bank transactions including cheque writing and deposits.
  • Generating financial reports for the Board's monthly meetings.
  • Before the monthly meeting send to the Board by email a list of all cheques written and deposits made during the previous month.
  • Preparing books for year end Review of the Books by the Accountant.
  • Ensuring that for T3010 Registered Charity Information Return is completed and mailed. It is crucial that the T3010 be submitted within six months of the end of the fiscal year (August 31). The form must be accompanied by a copy of a statement of receipts and assets and the statement of Assets and Liabilities. The Accountant will normally do this.
  • Ensuring that Form GST284 (GST Refund) is completed and mailed as soon as possible after the fiscal year end. This will be for the second half of the previous fiscal year as filing is done by half.
Executive Directors

The Executive Directors roles vary as they volunteer to take charge of specific duties, events or projects and Chair the various committees which include but are not limited to Studio Cafe, Workshops, 10 Minute Play Reading Night, Script Reading Night, Movie Nights, Parties/Special Events, Parade Entries, Looking after the Various Departments (Tech, Props, Make-Up, Etc), Sitting on Committees (Play Selection, Financial, COVID Re-opening, etc,).

Member of Theatre BC - Central Interior Zone

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